6 July, 11:49

Dear friends,

As you all know, the coronavirus pandemic swept and paralyzed the whole world, including Kyrgyzstan. At the moment, the epidemiological situation in Kyrgyzstan, unfortunately, is difficult. Our Government is taking all necessary measures to curb the spread of coronavirus in Kyrgyzstan. However, coronavirus is rapidly spreading among the population. The death rate of citizens from this disease is growing. Last time in Kyrgyzstan more than a thousand of our citizens seek medical help. In this regard, there is a lack of personal protective equipment for medical personnel, equipment for COVID- 19 prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic humanitarian aid from the Government of the Republic of Korea, some Korean companies and Koreans friends of Kyrgyzstan was sent to Kyrgyzstan in the form of PCR tests, equipment, medical masks. Information about that assistance you can find on the website of our Embassy.

But that is not enough. We appeal to all of you not to stand aside during this difficult time for our country and to provide all possible assistance in the fight against coronavirus. In the application you can find a list of necessary medicines and equipment that the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan needs to fight against coronavirus.

You can help in the form of providing one or some equipment indicated in the application or by transferring funds to the account of the Embassy. With the funds raised, the Embassy will be able to purchase the necessary medical equipment from the specified list and send it to Kyrgyzstan.

For all assistance issues, please contact the Embassy staff Mr. Kubanychbek Murataliev (Mob.: +82-10-6527-2882, email: kubanychbekmurataliev@gmail.com) or Ayim Kanatbekova (Mob.: +82-2-379-0952, email: kanatbekova1122@gmail.com)

Bank account for collecting funds:

Woori bank  1002-961-479477 Kasymova Gulmira

The need for medical equipment



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