About Kyrgyz Republic

Location: Kyrgyzstan is located in the north-eastern part of Central Asia - the central part of the Asian continent. Kyrgyzstan borders with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. The total area of the Republic is 199.9 thousand square kilometers. 94% of the country is mountainous. The average height comprises 2750 m above the sea level.

The mountainous Pamir -Alai system is located in the south -west of the country. Tien - Shan is located in the north-east. Mountain systems are divided by highland valleys and hollows: in the north - by Chui and Talas ones; in the south-west - by Fergana valley, in the south - by Alai valley. The highest peaks in Kyrgyzstan are: Victory Peak - 7439 m, Lenin Peak - 7134 m, Khan-Tengri - 6995 m.

Kyrgyzstan has 1923 lakes, the total water surface area of which is 6836 The main river is the Naryn River. The largest lake of the country - is Issyk-Kul (6236 sq. km, 170 km - length, 70 km - width: 690 m - depth, 1600 m above sea level). The next largest lakes are the Son - Kul Lake (278 sq. km, 15m depth, 3016 m above sea level), Chatyr - Kul (175 sq . km, 2-3 m depth, 3530 meters above sea level), Sary - Chelek (8 km - length, up to 4 km wide, 244 m depth, 1874 m above sea level).

Main cities: Bishkek - is the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic (1.2 million inhabitants) and Osh - is in the west of Kyrgyzstan (600 000 inhabitants), Karakol - is located in the Issyk-Kul Region (65 000 inhabitants). Regional centers are also - Naryn, Talas, Jalal-Abad, Batken.

Languages: Kyrgyz - is the state language, Russian language is the official language.

National currency: som (100 tyiyn).

National holidays: January 1 - New Year, January 7 - Orthodox Christmas, March 8 - International Women's Day, March 21 - Nooruz, May 1 - International Workers' Day, May 5 - Constitution Day, May 9 - Victory Day, August 31 - Independence Day, Orozo Ait - Muslim religious post (lunar calendar), Kurman Ait - Muslim religious holiday (lunar calendar).

Political structure: Since 1991 - the Kyrgyz Republic is an independent sovereign state. Power is based on the principle of separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers.

Climate: Climate is harshly continental; in the Issyk-Kul basin it is almost like the sea climate. Summer is often hot, winter is cold. The average January temperature is -4C to -14C (in the valleys, in the mountains the average temperature is up to -30C), the average July temperature is +18Cto+38C.

Resort and recreational tourism

Recreational value of the country is stipulated by the mountain climate with some maritime features, the presence of crystal clear waters, gorgeous beaches, and vast reserves of therapeutic mud on the coast, rich mineral and thermal springs, and extraordinary beauty of mountain landscapes. All this creates a unique environment for recreation resort with thermal and mud treatment.

The largest resort area in the country, and, perhaps, throughout Central Asia, is the alpine unfrozen Issyk-Kul Lake.The Issyk-Kul Region has more than 50 mineral springs, providing about a dozen different types of mineral waters, some of which are known far beyond Kyrgyzstan - Jety - Oguz, Altyn - Arashan, Ak - Suu and Jergalan.

The Issyk-Kul Lake with its extensive network of more than 100 boarding houses, holiday houses, resorts and other recreational facilities provides tremendous opportunities for tourism.

In addition to natural mineral and thermal springs, mud and water of the Issyk-Kul coast, there are also other unique healing abilities in Kyrgyzstan. Not far away from the south-eastern tip of the «sacred lake», there is a local «Dead Sea», with a high concentration of mineral salts. A circular highway around the Issyk-Kul Lake is an ideal place for fans of cycling as well. The road with smooth and even coating is nearly 2,000 km, leading to the most beautiful places between the mountains and the lake.

Mountain skiing tourism

The territory of Kyrgyzstan is a fast growing area for winter recreation and sports, where there are already more than a dozen resorts available, with the developed infrastructure having lifts and ski slopes. Moreover, investors make investments into construction of new resorts.

Being located in the heart of the largest continent on the planet, within 3-6 hours of flight, Kyrgyzstan covers all capitals of the Eurasian continent from London to Tokyo. In the context of demographic decline in the European part of the continent, as well as population growth and economic development of the economics of the Asia - Pacific region, the prospects for increasing the number of skiers are expanding. The tourism industry in Kyrgyzstan is focused on a variety of recreational activities in the nature. Ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan are located within the Tien - Shan mountain range, on the ridges of the Kyrgyz Ala- Too and Terskey Ala -Too, where the height difference is between 800m to 4500m, one of the most beautiful places in Central Asia - a paradise for nature lovers and skiers.

Mountains of Kyrgyzstan - are the heavenly places for skiing both for first-class skiers and for beginners. Numerous slopes are specially designed for different levels of skiing: starting with «green» trails, designated for beginners, and ending with steep «black» trails, where skiers get a truly heavenly pleasure.

The splendor of mountain scenery, pure mountain air, stable snow cover, combined with the developed tourist infrastructure of ski resorts, will allow You to spend a memorable holiday in winter Kyrgyzstan.

Mountain – climbing and adventure tourism

Since the most part of Kyrgyzstan is covered by mountains, so they are the most attractive destination for foreign tourists. Adventure tourism is in high demand in the global tourism market. Nowadays, the global tourism market demonstrates the pronounced predominance of demand for exotic itineraries in mountainous areas, for example, Pamir, Tien - Shan, Altai, etc. The highest mountain peaks, glaciers, caves, lakes, rivers belong to the predominant features of Kyrgyzstan for the development of mountaineering, caving, mountain tourism, rafting, trekking. It is envisaged to establish a network of shelters and campsites in the most popular mountain areas of the country.

Every year climbing attracts more and more tourists to the country. Each of them tends sooner or later to overcome the Kyrgyz heights, the most attractive for foreign «Snow Leopards» - the conquerors of mountain tops.

Three highest peaks in the world attract climbers from all over the world. Up to 1000 climbers come from all over the world during the season (July - August) to conquer «seventhousanders» of Kyrgyzstan.

Abundance of mountain rivers and sunny days attract lovers of the white water from the second half of the last century. What can be compared to the extreme and emitted adrenaline due to white - water rafting? Overcoming the difficult mountain rapids makes the heart pounding in the furious pace of the rapid flow. It is enough once in Your life to try and You irresistibly want to do it again and again. In Kyrgyzstan, there are many rivers, laid with a lot of routes of various complexities, rated both for experienced athletes and beginners.

Hiking, this is a classic tourism in general. A tent, fire in the night, heavy backpacks, guitar songs - are the apotheosis of tourism romance. This country is an ideal place in the world jHor this kind of tourism. It has everything You need to seasoned and experienced travelers - beautiful mountain


Eco-tourism is a journey to places untouched by civilization, not changed for hundreds of years. This is an opportunity to see the pristine nature and get acquainted with the customs and culture of the people, after centuries preserved his identity.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the few countries in the world where so many pristine places where no man has gone before. In order to preserve pristine nature, a large number of nature reserves, national parks are protected by the state. Visiting these amazing places of beauty, staying alone with nature, You will discover the secret of the origin of life on the Earth.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the most interesting countries in the world for eco-tourism. There one can visit a huge number of nature reserves and national parks, see wild animals listed in the Red Book, and see rare species of plants, among them are those that occur in single copies only in Kyrgyzstan. The Republic has 6 national reserves, 8 state natural national parks, 10 forests, 23 botanical, 17 geological, 15 hunting, 2 integrated reserves and one biosphere territory, which includes the whole Issyk-Kul Region.

There are also huge opportunities in Kyrgyzstan for organization of the unconventional and extreme tours. For lovers of something special, one can offer entomological tours - study of the lifestyle of endemic insect species, ornithological tours - the study of various species of birds, inhabiting the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, eco - tours, photo-shooting of the state-protected animals, yacht tours on the Issyk-Kul lake and much more.

Historical and cultural tourism

Kyrgyzstan is an ideal place for those tourists who are going on a journey, especially, for new knowledge about history and culture of the people, for impressions of meetings with new people. On this territory there are more than five thousand historical and cultural monuments of bygone times and peoples. This is the history of Kyrgyzstan itself. There are caves of prehistoric man and unique runic inscriptions on boulders, and amazing rock carvings (petroglyphs), and stone sculptures, and the remains of ancient settlements, and medieval fortresses, affecting by their inaccessibility and rationality. Today one can see the ruins of settlements and caravanserais, located along the Great Silk Road, and which used to host travelers - merchants. Among the most significant archaeological and architectural monuments there are: Suleiman Mountain, Uzgen Architectural Complex, Burana Tower, Shakh - Fazil Mausoleum, caravanserai - Tash-Rabat familiarity with which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Unique is the great epic «Manas», which contains more than 200,000                ^g

lines from the history of the Kyrgyz people, and which celebrates courage, love of freedom, persistence in achieving great ideas.

Perhaps one of the most surprising customs of the Kyrgyz people for

Europeans is rooted in antiquity: a guest, coming into the house, would be granted a thing that he liked, a gift could be anything: carpet, felted

cloth, bowl, whip or saddle, lamb or Kyrgyz greyhound puppy - taigan.                                           

This custom is not surprising if to recall that in the old days'conditions of nomadic life made people to meet each other so rare and it became very welcome. After all, the guest - is the only one, saying in modern terms, possibility of communication with the outside world. These new stories and songs, not familiar tunes before and fantastic events from far away